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How Much Does a Man and Van cost?

10 February 2020

The cost of a man and van depends on the reason you need a man and van in the first place. If it simply for transportation or delivery of something then the majority of companies will charge per hour and some may charge a bit extra for very long distances.

It is advisable to clarify whether the meter starts running from when they leave their depot to come to your property or they begin the meter when they arrive at your property. It is better to pay for them for the latter so you can accurately ensure you’re paying the right amount for the service. Alternatively, a fixed fee could be agreed before the job takes place. But this requires both you and the provider to be clear on how much work there is to do and how long it will take.

If you need a man and van to removal items for you and take them to a tip, you will have to pay a ‘disposal fee’ on top of travel and labour costs as it is not free to dispose of waste as a business. There are man and van service providers, like AnyJunk, that combines all of the associated costs into one easy to understand price while other providers prefer to charge you separately for each cost.

Please remember that if a business is happy to dispose of your waste for free then something is not right.

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