Environmentally & Socially Responsible Waste Disposal

Committed to maximising diversion of waste from landfill, reducing carbon footprint per collection and supporting local business





Low Carbon


Waste Company

of the Year

96% landfill diversion

  • Waste materials are taken to licensed commercial recycling facilities
  • We prioritise disposal facilities with the highest landfill diversion
  • Each disposal is logged digitally & a scanned tipping receipt uploaded
  • Ensuring we have a robust waste audit trail for every collection
  • 96% avoids landfill through energy from waste and recycling
anyjunk green credentials
anyjunk low carbon footprint

Lower carbon footprint

  • We encourage man & van collection over skip hire
  • It’s not just cheaper, it’s better for the environment
  • Man & van requires one visit to site per collection
  • Skip hire needs one for delivery & one for collection
  • Skip lorries are also more polluting than tipper trucks

Socially responsible

  • There are already enough collection vehicles & skip lorries
  • We don’t need to add more trucks to the roads
  • We just have to make existing resources work more efficiently
  • AnyJunk’s technology helps makes this happen
  • By connecting local operators with capacity to nearby demand
  • Cutting fuel miles per collection & keeping business local