Cheap Licensed Hippo & Skip Bag Collection

Fast, low cost removal of Skip bags & Hippo bags


Why use AnyJunk to collect

  • Cheaper than Hippowaste
  • Next day or faster response
  • From anywhere on premises
  • 98% landfill diversion
  • Lots of lovely texts on the day

How it works

  • Collect from anywhere
  • Load it into the truck
  • Sweep any loose debris
  • Take it away for disposal
  • Keep your bag?  Just ask

Skip Bag Collection

Hippobag collection service

Alongside our standard man & van rubbish clearance and skip hire service, we offer “Hippo Bag” collection.  This covers removal and disposal of filled Hippo bags and other Hippo style skip bags from anywhere on the property.  Our prices for collecting a Midibag or a Megabag are considerably cheaper than Hippowaste*.  Please note, if you’d like your bag emptied rather than removed, just ask our collection team to leave it behind.


Our rates 

HippoBag size Price  Weight allowance
MIDIBAG £90.00 (£75.00 ex VAT) 500kg
MEGABAG £110.00 (£91.67 ex VAT) 500kg

*  AnyJunk is not affiliated with Hippowaste the company that retails Hippo bags.

hippo bag removal by Anyjunk

We remove from anywhere

Unlike Hippowaste which uses a crane to remove your HIPPOBAG (and therefore need you to position your HIPPOBAG within 4m of the road so their cranes can reach it), our crews can collect bags from anywhere on the premises.  Regardless of whether a bag is inside your property, out front, or in your back yard – we can clear it no problem.  Equally, our vehicles are smaller and lighter than the big lorries used by Hippowaste (that need an access road of at least 4m wide), so access to site is normally very easy and you don’t need to worry about the risk of vehicle damage to your drive.

Weight of contents affects prices

Hippo bag collection rates are affected by the weight of the bag contents if there is a lot of dense, very heavy materially.  Generally no one minds or adjusts the prices for loads of mixed general waste(eg. an old bathroom) which contain a reasonable amount of heavy waste (like tiles, rubble, soil) mixed in with bulky waste. However, if the whole bag is filled with rubble, the the collection price is likely to be higher.  The weight reference above ensures very competitive pricing.  If you would like us to remove heavier loads, a supplement will be charged to cover the higher disposal.

2 men removing a rubbish filled hippobag