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Top 5 Junk Removal Moments In Your Life

9 January 2019

Maybe getting rid of junk isn’t your top priority today, but just like Christmas, one day it will be.

Here’s our list of the five most popular “junk removal moments” in people’s lives.


1. Divorce or Break Up

When a couple separates, it’s often a trigger for a bit of a clear out.  “I wanna wash that man right out of my hair” as the song goes – and with that washing, often there’s a whole lotta dejunking going on too!

wash that man outta my hair

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  1. Death

It’s sad, but the truth is death is going to happen to all of us one day, and when it does there’s a pretty good chance at least some of the old furniture and bric-a-brac we’ve been surrounding ourselves with will be given to our nearest and dearest, donated to charity, sold or sent to the rubbish tip.

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  1. Kids leaving home

When the babes fly the nest, the parents have a clear out.  It’s not a well-known adage, but perhaps it should be…because over the years, it’s a regular reason for people to use our junk removal service.  Battered old IKEA furniture ingrained with years of teenage angst is normally the first to go!

bird leaving nest

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  1. Birth

They say having a baby turns your life upside down.  But they should probably say, it turns your home upside down as well.

Where will they sleep?  How will you fit in all that extra stuff you need for your beloved newborn?  You guessed it.  You need to declutter fast.

newborn baby

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  1. Moving home

And finally, the number one reason for getting rid of junk…. moving home.

It happens in the weeks leading up to the move (when you decide what you really want to take with you to your new place and what you should leave behind), on the day of the move (when you realise you’ve been kidding yourself all along that the futon from your old student days will fit in your lovely new pad), and just after you move in (when you’re annoyed to see the previous occupants ‘forgot’ to clear out all their old junk from the loft, cellar, shed, yard, garden, etc etc)

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And two extra junk moments, that didn’t quite make the top 5, but we thought you might be interested anyway…

  1. Furniture upgrade

We’ve watched TV on you, cried into you, fallen asleep across you, eaten on (and shared meals with) you, coffee and wine-stained you, and had some unforgettable ‘romantic encounters’ on you…..but now, it’s finally time, we replaced you…

Goodbye old friend

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  1. Spring clean

Spring is in the air and with it the need to purge the house of junk.  We’re not sure why it is that just because the sun starts to shine, some of us are enveloped in a seasonal desire to declutter – but the stats don’t lie.  Every Spring, we see a solid spike in demand for junk removal.


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