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How Clearing Out Your Shed Can Do Good

19 May 2018

Tragically few sheds are actually used as a place to enjoy, as limited indoor space means they end up becoming additional storage areas. So, before you can transform your shed into a miniature pub or outdoor cinema you’ll need to get rid of your junk. This won’t just improve your garden though; we’ve taken a look at the wider benefits that an afternoon spent decluttering your garden shed can have, and they may surprise you.

Getting rid of that old bike

Studies have found that one of the most common items to be kept in a shed is an unused bike. Whilst your old rusty bike may seem like a lost cause, re-cycle is a charity who specialise in collecting neglected bikes from the sheds of Britain and transporting them to rural Africa. Once there, they are fixed up and used to help people reach previously inaccessible services like water, education and healthcare.

Seriously damaged bikes and scrap parts are also welcome as these can be stripped down and used to teach repair and maintenance skills to communities, ensuring that the bikes they receive never go to waste again.

old bike

Clearing out DIY clutter

It’s not only big, once expensive items which can be put to good use. Many of us will have old tools and equipment lying around which we’ve forgotten about or never really needed in the first place.

Instead of continuing to hoard and taking up valuable space why not consider how life-changing these items could be if donated? Charities like Workaid and TWAM (Tools with a Mission) are able to collect all your unwanted tools and make them into comprehensive kits. These are then delivered to poverty-stricken regions around the world to help people develop skills and gain stable employment. However, even junk which isn’t fit to be donated isn’t hopeless.

At AnyJunk we recycle 96% of the waste we collect so your rubbish could become useful again.


Improve your well-being

The benefits of clearing out your shed aren’t just for others; many mental health professionals have found a link between cluttered surroundings and additional stress, with countless people reporting that they feel energised and more in control of their lives once they’ve tackled their clutter. The mental health benefits of charitable giving are also backed up by substantial research, so even if your cluttered shed isn’t getting you down, just knowing that your old junk is helping others will do you good.



So, what are you waiting for? Start clearing out your shed today and you may even be inspired to enter Shed of the Year.

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