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Clearing Out Your House for New Year

29 December 2017

It’s that time of year again when you feel obliged to promise to give up that bad habit of yours or to start going to those yoga classes…again! The New Year is a time for fresh starts, and there’s no better way of kicking all this off than with a good clear-out of the house. It’s time to throw out the Christmas tree, and finally, get rid of all that rubbish that’s been sitting in the garage for 14 years. Here are some useful facts and suggestions to help make that resolution a reality:

  1. The most important rule is that you have to be brutal. Cleaning out the house is no time for sentimentality – if this stuff has been sitting in the garage gathering dust, you can’t care about it that much, so it’s time to get rid of it.
  2. Not everything needs to be thrown away – good quality furniture, clothes, board games, books, and other bits and bobs might be of much better use given to a charity shop. Very few things you’re getting rid of actually belong in the landfill, so try to organise the rubbish into those things that can be given away, recycled, or thrown. Don’t forget that AnyJunk is here to help – we can do the organising for you at our sorting facilities.
  3. Hiring a skip over the New Year is the perfect opportunity to clean the house out, but putting the skip on the road may be a bit trickier than usual because councils will be keen to keep the roads clear over the holiday period. Make sure to check whether any restrictions apply to you and your postcode.
  4. Sometimes it helps to set yourself a target – hire a 6-yard skip with the intention of loading it to the top with rubbish and old junk. This will encourage you to be that bit harsher, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly it fills up.
  5. And don’t get carried away. Yes, it’s good to be ruthless, but don’t be too hasty. Take time to organise and plan your clear-out properly – for example, there are certain things you’re not allowed to put in a skip, so make sure you’ve done your homework. We have a great page on what you can and can’t put in a skip, so take a look if you’re unsure!

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