Skip permit price tool

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We created a widget for checking how much a skip permit costs in your area, but sadly we have had to remove it because a very small number of users complained that the information (even though it was free) was not always 100% correct. However, we do have a guide for skip permit costs in London.

We created it because so often skip companies charge customers an extra admin fee on top of the skip license fee charged by the council and, although we think it’s reasonable to do so to cover their administration time, we also think it is important that the extra charge is not excessive. Equally, a lot of people tend to forget how much extra skip hire can cost when you take into account the additional cost of a skip permit if it needs to be left on a road. Not to mention the parking suspension fees on top for controlled parking zones, which in some parts of the country are more than £100 on top. Unfortunately including parking fees in our skip permit widget is a little bit beyond us at the minute, but hopefully, you will find the tool helpful nonetheless.

At the minute the nearest equivalent is a lookup tool on the Direct Gov site, but this just shows you which council to contact, and not how much the skip permit actually costs.