Advice on hiring a man with a van

man and van lifting sofa

Hiring a man and van is not as simple as you might think. A fully comprehensive guide to the best practice for this is on the man and van guide on our main website. But we will cover the main points to remember and what to look out for when hiring a man and van on this post.


Q: How do I hire a man and van operator?

A: Word of mouth is always a good start but if no one can recommend one then Google is the place to go. also provides a useful service depending on what you need the man and van for. Or even just have a look around when you’re in your neighbourhood and if a van takes your fancy then note down their number as they will definitely be local to you and therefore probably cheap.

Q: How much does a man and van cost?

A: The blog will give full details of the various factors affecting costs but in short you need to take into account:
• What you need the man and van for
• The total distance the operator has to travel
• Whether they charge you the moment they leave their depot
• If you need to dispose of waste then there will be a waste disposal fee
• How the operator charges you (one combined payment or separate charges for each element of the job)

Q: Is there a way to save money when hiring a man and van?

A: The best way to save money is to do as much of the work as you can yourself. So organise everything you need taken away so it is a quick job and loading is easy. Maybe even help load whatever to help reduce time and labour costs.

Q: How do I spot a rogue trader?

A: Check:
• Whether the man and van operator is CRB certified
• Do they have public liability insurance
• Are they are insured
• If you need them for waste disposal then do they have a waste carriers licence

Q: What is my alternative to a man and van operator?

A: If you simply want removals from one location to another then an established removals company would be fine. If you need waste of any kind cleared then we, of course, would recommend Any Junk as the largest man and van clearance company in the UK. Or if you have a lot of waste then it may be worth hiring a skip from