Fly-tipping statistics

fly-tipping statistics

2012 fly-tipping statistics

Fly-tipping is a problem but, rather than criticise councils for not stamping down on it hard enough or not offering free bulky waste collection to combat it, we wanted to find out a bit more about what’s really happening and why. So we surveyed councils across England to reveal their fly-tipping statistics, to compare relative performance, and to identify opportunities for improvement.


Key findings

  • 732,052 fly tipping incidents on public land
  • 9.1% fall compared to previous year (805,320)
    • 191 councils (60%) fell
    • 120 councils (38%) increased
    • 1 council unchanged and 4 councils did not reply
      (so were assumed to have remained unchanged)
  • 33m spent by councils on fly tipping clearance
  • 0.6% of fly tipping incidents were successfully prosecuted

Further reading: Fly-tipping - time for a change, Local Authority & Waste Recycling Magazine (July 2011)