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Review of Clearabee

This review compares Clearabee and AnyJunk.  It covers prices and business model.

Prices / Discounts Clearabee vs. AnyJunk

Sofa removal & Furniture disposal: AnyJunk charges up to 40% less than Clearabee to remove furniture.

Furniture collection Clearabee AnyJunk Discount
Armchair £69.99 £42.00 40%
2 Seater Sofa £79.99 £48.00 40%
3 Seater Sofa £89.99 £60.00 33%

Skip bag collections
Our skip bag collection service is a significant discount to Clearabee.

Skip bag collection Clearabee AnyJunk Discount
1 yard / small skip bag £99.99 £90.00 10%
1.5 yard / medium skip bag £129.99 £110.00 15%

Business Model

Clearabee’s business model is relatively traditional.  It operates an in house fleet and employs its own collection crews, although trucks are parked at employees homes overnight rather than taken back to depots. The challenge with this in house approach is that capacity is relatively fixed (ie. they only have x number of trucks) – whereas demand is constantly changing.  Bear in mind rubbish clearance is a very reactive business, with most job requests made with 48 hours or less notice. So, to cope with spikes in customer demand and still deliver a reliable fast response service, they must either a) hold excess capacity by owning trucks and employing people that aren’t utilised except for super busy days – which is expensive; or b) stretch capacity reactively by lengthening working days and using a greater % of single rather than two person collection teams (v. difficult when so many jobs require 2 people to load for health & safety reasons).  And it looks like some of their employees have found this tough.

AnyJunk’s business model is different.  We passionately believe there are already enough waste collection vehicles on the road. There’s no need to add more – we just have to utilise existing resource more efficiently. So several years ago (having run our own national fleet) we shifted from self-delivery to partnering with local waste collection companies instead. Our tech platform allocates jobs to the nearest operator with spare capacity who then connects to us via an App as they undertake the collection. The result of this change in AnyJunk’s operating model has been a significant improvement in our service levels (we can now collect within 2 hours in London and our rolling service failure rate across the entire UK is less than 1%) and reduced miles travelled per collection (we estimate it has reduced on average by more than 30%).  Plus it has cut the number of waste trucks on the road and helps to deliver work & wages to local businesses.

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More Information About Clearabee

Clearabee was founded in 2012 and has its head office in Birmingham. It is owned by Daniel Long and Rob Linton. Clearabee’s collection vehicles comprise mainly Luton vans (like the ones used by removal firms for A to B removal work) and slide door transit vans (typically used by couriers for parcel delivery).  None of the vehicles are HGVs, which means no O license concerns or tachographs, but payload (ie. ability to carry weight) is limited. They also offer skip hire and skip bags.  Their skip hire service is outsourced to local skip companies.