Skip permit & license guide

Advice on skip permits and skip license prices

avoid skip permit fees

Skip permits are required by law if you hire a skip on a public road.

Here is some useful information on how skip permits (sometimes called skip licenses) work and how much they can cost.  But if you’d rather avoid paying them all together, why not consider ordering a man & van clearance instead?

When do you need a skip permit?

If you place a skip on any public road or pavement you will need a skip permit (or skip licence). Failure to do so and your skip can be removed before you have filled it and you are likely to be liable to a fine. There is no requirement for a permit if you put a skip on private land, such as your driveway or field.

Who issues skip permits?

Skip permits are issued by councils. The majority of councils allow the skip hire company to apply for a permit on their client’s behalf although a few require the actual person hiring the skip to order it direct. Check with your local council beforehand to see what their process is. On average it takes 3 or 4 days to arrange a permit, so if you are hiring a skip for the road, remember to allow some extra time for this in your planning. If time is of the essence, you may be better off using a man and van clearance service like AnyJunk.

How much do skip permits cost?

Charges for skip permits vary according to where you are in the UK and the length of time you need to put the skip on the road. Councils normally issue them for one to two weeks and then this can be extended for an additional charge. The average cost of a skip license is around £30. In practise, when a skip company arranges a permit on your behalf they will tend to add a mark-up on the skip permit price to cover their admin costs. The typical admin fee is at least £10. Note, although VAT is not payable on skip permits, skip companies are obliged to add VAT when recharging the cost of the permit to their customer (assuming they are VAT registered).

Guide price of a skip permits / licenses across the UK (before skip company mark-up):

  • Birmingham skip permit £13
  • Bristol skip permit £13
  • Edinburgh skip permit £25
  • Essex skip permit £20
  • Exeter skip permit £45
  • Glasgow skip permit £55
  • Leeds skip permit £20
  • Liverpool skip permit £10
  • London permit (average) £50
  • Luton skip permit £55
  • Manchester skip permit £20
  • Newcastle skip permit £20
  • Nottingham skip permit £15
  • Southampton skip permit £15

For more information on skip prices and permits, see our blog on average skip prices across the UK. 

What about parking suspension fees for skips?

As well as skip hire permit charges, if a skip needs to be placed in a controlled parking zone (CPZ), in other words in a residents parking bay or metered parking, then unfortunately you will need to pay parking bay suspension fees on top. These vary dramatically by council. In some parts of London for example, they can be as much as £80 per day, but others can be completely free.  They can be charged daily or weekly.

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