Disposal of Coronavirus PPE Waste

Collection & disposal of bagged PPE used to protect against Covid-19

3 Simple Steps

1. Double bag

bag waste bin liner graphic

(use plastic bin bags)

2. Wait 72 hours

clock graphic

(store securely)

3. Collection

(from outside premises)

How it Works

  • Put waste in plastic bag
  • Tie the bag securely
  • Place in second bag & tie
  • Store for at least 72 hrs
  • Put outside for collection

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How to Book a collection

Do you need to dispose of personal protective equipment used at a property that may be infected with Coronavirus?  For example, disposable overalls and gloves worn undertaking repairs work, replacing furniture or cleaning a property with occupants in quarantine or tested positive for Coronavirus.

First, place the PPE in a plastic bin bag and tie it shut. Next, put that bag into another bin bag and also tie that securely. Then, store the double bagged waste in a safe place bag for at least 72 hours to minimise the risk of infection remaining on the bag. To order click the RED button and select ‘Man & Van’ service. We can remove bags By Item or as part of a larger collection By Volume.

Is waste infected with Covid-19 hazardous?

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is an infectious disease spread through particles in the air and via contaminated surfaces. Full details can be found on the World Health Organisation website. Materials contaminated with the virus are hazardous. However, recent research indicates  the virus cannot survive longer than 72 hours on any surface. As a result, provided you double bag the waste and leave it for at least 72 hours, it can be handled and disposed of as normal general waste. Read our Coronavirus bulky waste collection blog for more background and guidance.

Unable to store the waste for 72 hours?

If you are unable to store the waste for at least 72 hours, it will be classified as Category B infectious waste. This means it cannot be collected as normal general waste by our standard man & van service. Instead, the waste must be placed in orange clinical waste bags (which we can supply) and picked up by a specialist clinical waste contractor. Costs for this solution are higher because of the additional regulation and complexity, including provision of a consignment note and disposal at an incineration plant. Please contact our Trade Account team if you would like more details.

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