Should I hire a skip or use the man & van rubbish clearance service?

There is no right answer.  Skip hire tends to be the most cost effective if you have lots of heavy, messy waste, whereas Man & van rubbish clearance is normally considerably cheaper for lighter, bulkier waste. Skips take up space and are a fixed size.  Man & van doesn’t require any space and the size can be adjusted on the day.  In our experience, customers who haven’t used our man & van rubbish clearance service before tend to be surprised by how easy and cheap it ends up being compared to organising a skip.

What waste can you take?

We take all non-hazardous bulky waste. Common examples include:

  • Repairs /construction/ demolition / DIY waste – like kitchen and bathroom rip out drywall, doors, plasterboard (but only if separately bagged)
  • Household junk – like boxes, books, tools, clothes, bric-a-brac
  • Furniture – sofa, mattress, armchair, cupboard, filing cabinets
  • Appliances – like dishwasher, washing machine, cooker, computer, flat screen TV/monitor, standing lamps, domestic fridge* (not commercial fridges/chiller cabinets)
  • Garden refuse – loose branches, cut grass, leaves, soil, old pots, lawn mower, garden shed (dismantled), garden furniture
  • Wood – fencing, firewood, lumber, plywood, door
  • Roofing / Flooring – tiles, asphalt, carpet, wood, flooring

* man & van rubbish clearance service only

For regulatory and health & safety reasons, we CANNOT remove hazardous materials or toxic waste such as asbestos, chemicals, solvents, motor oils, petrol, diesel, gas bottles, clinical or biological waste, batteries, tyres, or paint. A full list of Prohibited Items is provided in our Booking Form. If you have hazardous waste you need to get rid of, we recommend you contact your local council for information on hazardous waste disposal in your area.

Which size of collection or skip should I choose?

The volume photo guides in our Booking Form are there to help you choose the most appropriate Collection Size or Skip Size. If ordering a skip, see our skip size guide for additional guidance.

If you’d like our opinion, please give us a call on 0207 819 9000 to talk it through. Alternatively, send us some photos of your junk (using the ‘Send us a Photo’ function on the first page of our booking form) and we’ll email you back our recommended Collection Size.

What if the actual collection size of a man & van clearance differs from the size I booked?

If your Collection Size ends up bigger or smaller than you ordered, the collection crew will let you know before they start and charge or credit your card the difference.  If it’s larger than booked, you’re free to cancel your collection and will be refunded in full.

Why can't you remove hazardous materials?

We are not licensed or insured to remove hazardous materials like asbestos, oil, weed killer and paint.  We recommend you contact your local council for information on hazardous waste carriers in your area.

Are you insured and licensed to do this work?

We are fully insured to do this work, including cover against any damage caused to property when removing waste from your premises.  We are licensed by the Environment Agency.  Our waste carrier and broker license number is CBDU128459.

What happens to the junk after you have collected it?

Junk is passed on for reuse or taken to licensed commercial recycling facilities.  See our Green Credentials page for more information.

What communication is there on the day of Man & Van collection?

The team will call you earlier in the day to introduce themselves, check you are expecting them and that they have the correct address.

When the team is around 30 minutes away, they will send you a text that includes a web link to track their truck on Google maps as they head to your address. 

As they park outside your property, you will receive a text notifying you of their arrival which includes their names and the truck’s registration number. 

Do I have to be at the property to have a Man & Van clearance?

No. Provided we can access the junk and it is clear what materials are to be taken and what are to stay – there is absolutely no need for you to be present.   You will be notified by phone and email when the team arrives on site and also when the job has been completed (including before and after photos of where the junk was located).  If any problems arise on site, the team will call you to talk them through.

Skip Hire period – How long can I hire a skip?

The typical length of hire is between 7 and 14 days. You can hire a skip for longer but this may result in additional charges. If you think you may need a skip for more than 14 days, let us know and we will check with the supplier to clarify availability and any additional cost. Similarly, if you want the skip removed less than 7 days after delivery, let us know at booking so we can ensure this is scheduled in for you.

Skip Access – access requirements and firmness of ground for skip lorry

Skips are normally delivered on large 7.5-tonne lorries that are wider than a car. Make sure there is enough space for the skip lorry to access the place you want the skip to be located or consider changing the location. If road or gate access is narrow, check with us beforehand that the dimensions of the lorry will fit. Note that when the full skip is taken away, the lorry will need the use of its stabilisers – metal legs which exert significant pressure on the ground and can dent soft tarmac or break paving stones.

Skip location – ‘on-road’ skip or ‘off-road’ skip?

Skips can be located ‘on-road’ or ‘off-road’. On-road means the skip is parked on a public road, roadside or pavement. Off-road means the skip is parked on private property away from the road, for example in a driveway, yard, garden or field. On-road skips cost extra because they require a skip permit from the council (and possibly also a CPZ suspension).

Skip permits and CPZ suspensions – Council fees for ‘on-road’ skips?

On-road skips require a skip permit in advance from the council. A skip permit is written authority from the council that you can put a skip on a public highway. The cost of a skip permit varies by council and also by the length of time the skip is left in the road. The skip supplier applies for the permit and that additional cost, together with a small admin fee, is added to your overall hire price.

In addition to a skip permit, if the location is within a controlled parking zone (eg. residents’ permit or pay & display), a CPZ suspension will also be required. CPZ suspension fees also vary by duration and postcode. Like permits, the skip supplier arranges CPZ suspensions and then charges the cost on to you as an extra. If you are unsure whether you need a CPZ suspension, contact your local council or ask our booking team.

Skip collection date – when is the skip collected?

Your skip is collected when you tell us to collect it. You can either specify a collection date at the time of booking or tell us later once you know. The collection is normally within 2 working days of your chosen date.

Will you help loading the skip?

We provide skips, not the labour to load them. If you need help loading your skip then you may prefer to use our man & van rubbish clearance service instead.