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Review of Clearabee

Clearabee advertises on Google for when people search for ‘AnyJunk’.  So we thought we would return the favour for anyone searching for the term ‘Clearabee’ and also provide you a short review about how the two businesses compare.

Prices / Discounts

Sofa removal & Furniture disposal: AnyJunk charges up to a 40% less than Clearabee to remove furniture.

Furniture collection Clearabee AnyJunk Discount
Armchair £69.99 £42.00 40%
2 Seater Sofa £79.99 £48.00 40%
3 Seater Sofa £89.99 £60.00 33%

Skip bag collections
Our skip bag collection service is a significant discount to Clearabee.

Skip bag collection Clearabee AnyJunk Discount
1 yard / small skip bag £99.99 £90.00 10%
1.5 yard / medium skip bag £129.99 £110.00 15%

Landfill diversion

Clearabee states their landfill diversion is 95%.  Our landfill diversion is 96%.

Arrival Windows

Clearabee offers ‘2-hour’ arrival slots.  AnyJunk offers ‘1-hour’ arrival slots.

Sustainability & Business Model

At AnyJunk, we believe there are already enough waste collection vehicles on the road.  There’s no need to add any more – we just have to help the existing resource work more efficiently. So several years ago we closed down our own fleet and moved to our technology led model of partnering with local waste collection companies.  The outcome is less miles per collection, less trucks on the road and work & wages going to local businesses.

Clearabee’s business model on the other hand is focused on economies of scale and keeping operational cost as low as possible.  That means single man teams, lightweight trucks, long working days, lean management, and minimal infrastructure.  All the truck employees’ park their vans outside their homes overnight – rather than take them back to a depot, because Clearabee don’t have any depots.  Equally, employees receive hourly pay depending on how much work they get/ do each day – which keeps the fixed overhead down.

Clearabee Technology vs AnyJunk Technology

AnyJunk’s technology is multi-award winning.  Developed in-house by our team of engineers led by a PhD in theoretical computer science, our stack is an end-to-end enterprise system covering everything from booking, CRM, job allocation, performance management, supplier compliance and supplier billing to customer portals, supplier portals, debtor management, dynamic pricing, track & trace customer comms, and detailed reporting.

We understand that Clearabee licenses a system from a third party provider.

More Information About Clearabee

Clearabee was founded in 2012 and has its head office in Birmingham. It is owned by Daniel Long and Rob Linton. Clearabee’s collection vehicles comprise mainly Luton vans (like the ones used by removal firms for A to B removal work) and slide door transit vans (typically used by couriers for parcel delivery).  None of the vehicles are HGVs, which means no O license concerns or tachographs, but payload (ie. ability to carry weight) is limited.