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A day in the life of Bob Sturman – London Truck Team Leader

Our 7-month-old daughter Seren does a perfect impression of an alarm clock and gets me out of bed. Dirty nappies provide a pretty good incentive to get up, and after a shower, I get to come back to a gummy smile and breakfast together.

Bob Sturman - London Truck Team Leader

I grab a coffee and hit the ground running at work. The first half hour is spent making sure all the teams leave the depot with everything they need for the day including PDAs for trucks. Job details are all sent to their truck PDAs, so I make sure they’re aware of any special requirements for jobs or whether require any particular equipment before they leave the depot at 7.45am.

The teams should now all be arriving at their first jobs. I log on to our truck mapping system which tracks all our vehicles via GPS and shows job locations, to make sure all the teams have logged in properly, so we know who’s going where.

A little bit of truck maintenance followed by a weekly check of spare truck equipment stock. All seems fine.

We have a big pile of scrap metal at the depot so I sort through it with a colleague and then organise a collection before checking over recent arrivals of furniture and appliances to see what can be reused and what can be recycled. I pop a few bags of clothes into the Oxfam textile bank, and also check the level of the large wood skip outside to decide whether we need an extra collection this week.

As it’s Friday we have a WEEE recycling organisation coming to pick up fridges and CRTs. We load them on to the truck and I make sure all the WEEE disposal forms are correct and checked. A big part of our job is making sure that materials brought back to our depot by the truck teams are sorted and sent on their way quickly, so we always have enough space to take the next load.

Time to have a look at how tomorrow is panning out. There are fewer trucks running since it’s a Saturday but I go through the routes with the girls in the booking team and make sure I have the staff we need for the weekend, and the busy day already booked for Monday.

Friday at 5 pm, it’s time for a weekly de-brief with the guys. We catch up and go through any issues, make note of anyone or any teams who’ve done particularly well and make sure they’re all on the same page with what’s happening within the company. Today it’s all about the technology and getting rid of paperwork. They’re exciting changes and will hopefully mean a lot less paper shuffling for the teams.

Home again and there’s no escaping those dirty nappies!