A world of junk…

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Entering the blogging sphere with a few words about life at AnyJunk… what comes to mind? As I struggle with my stapler I’m tempted to make some comments about the highs and lows of working in an environment built almost solely from Junk. It’s lucky that being environmentally friendly is important to us, otherwise, I may just throw this lopsided piece of metal out the window and into the wood skip.

Or I could chat about some of the mysterious pieces the truck teams bring in from time to time. One mans’ junk is another mans’ treasure so they say, and never have I seen a better example than what is stored in the AnyJunk Depot to be sold or given to charity. But most pressing in the office at the moment is a largely controversial and heated discussion about what to do for our staff social. 2010 has seen the introduction of many things new – new technology, new systems, new staff and a new meeting room. So we only see fit that to get to know each other, there needs to be an event. Always up for a drink, I’m all for the idea, until I hear the word karaoke. Is there any worse form of torture? Making a fool of yourself in front of your current and new workmates. Karaoke for me is worse than a life without chocolate. Other ideas get tossed around, quiz night (but the boss doesn’t want to spend his free time sitting a test), bike ride/pub crawl (the weather was particularly mingin this day), bingo (although we can, and often do, stage this in the office with a bingo ball roller thingy we have in the corner), or Ten Pin Bowling (I’m particularly keen on this idea, but I think the others are secretly scared of my bowling prowess). Ever the diplomat our Office Manager puts the ideas in a hat, and it seems we shall all be braving the cold to test our skills at a local Pub Quiz.

Another pressing issue solved for the day, now about that stapler….