Council bulky waste collections and fly tipping

council bulky waste and flytipping

The AnyJunk fly tipping report revealed that charging residents for bulky waste collections appears to have little impact on the number of fly tipping instances in a given area.

Out of the 10 councils with the lowest number of fly-tips per capita, none provide a free residential bulky waste collection service, whereas several local authorities with a high number of fly-tips per capita offer the service for free.

Councils often arrange for separate contractors to collect the three main types of bulky waste: residential bulky waste, fly-tipped waste and void clearances. If a single specialist bulky waste contractor was engaged, the resultant economies of scale would result in a far more comprehensive and responsive solution and would provide the perfect commercial platform for councils to offer local businesses a low-cost solution for their bulky waste.

Read the full article from Waste Planning Journal here.

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