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City of London Waste Collections

11 May 2012

We were interested to learn about the City of London’s recent changes to when waste can be put out on to the streets. From 1 April 2012, The City of London Corporation has a time banding system for residential and commercial bagged waste collections, effectively stopping any waste (loose or bagged) from being put outside a building between 08:00 and 18:00.

The changes are designed to make the City of London a cleaner, neater and more accessible place, and are part of various initiatives to make London look better and operate more efficiently in time for the London Olympics.

FAQs and more details from the City of London Corporation on the time banding changes to the waste collection can be found here.

These changes to waste collection in the City are good news for AnyJunk because we specialise in on-demand clearances of waste from anywhere outside or inside the premises. So businesses or residents who are unable to put waste out during the new hours specified by the City of London Corporation can always call us up, on 020 7819 9000, to take their junk away at a time and from a room or storage area that is more convenient.

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