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Green Credentials

We are committed to minimising waste to landfill and our impact on the environment


  • Currently more than 88% of materials we collect avoid landfill through reuse, recycling and 'waste to energy' incineration
  • Our environmental management systems are ISO 14001 accredited
  • ‘Waste Management & Recycling Company of the Year’ finalist in 2010, 2011 & 2012 National Recycling Awards

national-recycling-awards-anyjunk iso-14001-anyjunk guardian-green-awards-anyjunk 2010-recycling-awards

Minimising waste to landfill

  • We segregate recyclables (such as wood, metal, WEEE) for separate disposal at dedicated recycling facilities
  • Mixed general waste that is not easily segregated is taken to MRFs and commercial waste transfer stations that prioritise recycling and waste to energy incineration
  • Our truck team staff are financially incentivised to minimise waste to landfill

Reducing environmental impact

  • Much of our office furniture, equipment and stationery is reused junk – not hard to guess if you visit our offices!
  • Our scale and sophisticated routing systems mean average miles per collection is typically much lower than smaller clearance companies
  • We use specially designed, modern low emission vehicles

Good quality furniture, textiles and electrical appliances is passed to reuse organizations and charities like Oxfam and the British Heart Foundation

AnyJunk saved 10,766 tonnes of waste from landfill last year

  • we collected 12,810 tonnes of waste
  • 88% (10,766 tonnes) avoided landfill, of which 4% (481 tonnes) was directly recycled or reused
  • 25 tonnes of furniture (equivalent to 625 sofas) were reused
  • 288 tonnes of metal and waste electrical equipment were reused, refurbished or recycled directly
  • 75 tonnes of wood separated for recycling, equivalent to 10,708 wooden chairs
  • 43 tonnes of TVs, CRTs, fridges and fluorescent tubes were reused, refurbished or directly recycled
  • 4 tonnes of tyres were recovered or directly recycled and 4,566 books were sent for reuse

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