Welcome to Junk Diaries – stories, insights, opinions and useful stuff from the wonderful world of AnyJunk.


There’s something here for everyone – funny and bizarre collection stories, practical ‘how to’ guides, entrepreneurial endeavours, fly on the wall ‘life at AnyJunk’ perspectives, even our thoughts on current and forthcoming waste legislation (I know, it doesn’t get much more exciting than that!).


Hi I'm Dave




Dave when he’s not looking after our biggest clients, Dave spends a lot of time ensuring that AnyJunk is whiter than green when it comes to compliance. To some the subject of UK waste compliance is a little dull, to Dave – it’s a passion.




Hello, I'm Tim




Tim as full-time marketing manager and moonlighting jazz saxophonist, Tim has little time for idle musings. His postings are about helping people get rid of their different types of junk and sharing a lot of the useful knowhow we pick up here at AnyJunk.




Hello, I'm Jason




Jason founder and MD of AnyJunk, Jason always dreamed of being a writer when he grew up. Until he does, Junk Diaries will have to do.





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